Problem: The Dirt Bag Boater

Often different parts of a diverse community don’t understand each other. These fault lines might be along ethnic, religious, or racial lines—and my life-long religion is boats. I love boats, love boaters, and love to sail—especially in the Caribbean. Many …

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Kiko Matthews sets new Atlantic rowing record

Briton Kiko Matthews arriving in Barbados having smashed the world record as the fastest woman to complete a solo trans-Atlantic row. Photo: Anthony Ball

  Kiko Matthews rowed into the history books in March having set a new world record for rowing solo across the Atlantic. Matthews arrived to a hero’s welcome in Barbados having completed the 3000 mile single-handed, un-supported journey in a …

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Metal Shark Next-Generation Damen Fast Crew Supplier

Damen Fast Crew Supplier

As an extension of its existing relationship with Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards, Louisiana-based shipbuilder Metal Shark has announced the availability of the new Damen FCS 7011 for the U.S. market. With its size, range, 40-knot speed and 150-passenger capacity, the all-aluminum …

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Recipe of the Month: Not Just a Load of Old Rhubarb

May is a great time to enjoy the warm weather and outside entertaining. Also a great time to try fresh vegetable soups (lettuce or carrot), delicious crunchy salads using fennel, parsley, asparagus, and interesting dishes with mushrooms. Rhubarb is a …

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The Common Cents of Key West

Mallory Square - High Wire Act

This issue we are looking at Key West, which is as far as you can travel in the Keys by car. Key West is by far the biggest city in the Keys, but still has less than 25,000 people and …

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Hello Spring!

Seafood stew with chickpeas and spinach serving suggestion 1

In February I started a 100 mile walk from Greenville South Carolina to Charlotte in North Carolina to raise money for and in support of ‘Warrior Momz’ Kay Ledson. Kay is walking across America to raise awareness for Spinal Cord …

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Destination: Water Island, US Virgin Islands

Famous Honeymoon Beach. Photo: Andrew Ruggie

If you ask residents of Water Island about visiting, the answer will be “don’t, there’s nothing to see.” That’s because this nearly 500-acre island located a mile from the mainland in St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie harbor, is a quiet, laidback …

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Singapore Stan

Stanley not only stood his watch, he shared ours as well. He could not get enough of sailing offshore

My wife Carolyn and I love people. We often attend parties as we sail, invite people aboard for dinner, and mingle with the dirt dwellers ashore. In addition, we adore having guests—but only for brief periods of time and only …

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Evinrude Puts Space Technology to Work on the Sea

A company well-known to boaters for its outboard motors receives an out of this world honor this month. More specifically, Evinrude will be inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in Colorado Spring on April 19th. The honor comes …

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Video Games and Sailing

Max online and outside

In the throes of nautical ennui, some turn to books to pass the time, others to movies, and others to video games. Once dominated by the younger generation but now demographically diverse, this article looks at the trials and tribulations …

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The Carriacou Sloop

… we sailed there on Savvy. Photography by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

We cast off from the dock at Grenada’s Port Louis Marina and ease into the channel leading to the Carenage at St. George’s. The sun shimmers on the water as we glide past a parade of majestic Georgian buildings made …

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