Rum drinking in the Royal Navy didn’t start because of a generous Admiralty. It began because water and beer went sour on long voyages

Ron Centenario Reserva de la Familia 18yo is made from sugar cane grown locally in Costa Rica’s rich, volcanic soil. Is it any good?

The season for giving is upon us. Skip the boring gift card. Instead share your love of rum. Here are our favorites under $40.

Ron Santa Teresa, founded in 1796, is Venezuela’s oldest registered rum distillery. Situated in the mountainous Aragua Valley, the Hacienda Santa Teresa cultivated wheat, indigo, coffee and sugar cane along with a small rum production

Rum tasting is not complicated. Go ahead and pour a rum you have been dying to taste and let’s walk through this tasting together.

One of our favorite rums, Papa’s Pilar 24 Dark Rum, for its vanilla and honey nose, bourbon-like notes and texture and a finish that satisfies our souls.

What is the Best Mai Tai Recipe? Understanding the original may leave you saying, “Hold the fruit juice.” What's the history?

We go to the island of Saint Lucia where the Pitons mountains play backdrop to lush rainforests. Home to Saint Lucia Distillers’ Chairman’s Reserve.

What makes a Cuba Libre different from a Rum and Coke? What rum goes best? Believe us... It makes a difference

Launched in January 2016, St. Augustine Distillery Pot Distilled Rum is made from local sugar cane syrup and molasses. What did we think of the Rum?

A little background on the Genuine Curaçao Liqueur and a look at the ingredients. Is Blue Curaçao actually Rum?

Ron Zacapa Edición Negra is a blend of 6 - 24 year-old rums with extra aging time in double charred American oak and Pedro Ximénez wine casks.

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum was a part of a line of superior blended aged rums. Experts taste and compare in a head to head rum review

Rum Review: Kirk and Sweeney 12 year old rum is a three part rum – enjoy the full, long finish that a fine sipping rum should have.

Kenny Chesney always wanted to launched a rum brand. Blue Chair Bay Rum is based on Kenny Chesney’s island lifestyle.

Aging was unheard of, thereby establishing Pampero Aniversario rum as the first in Venezuela to be officially designated ‘aged’

Barbados to Trinidad - This month we found Plantation Original Dark which blends two of these great regions.

This month we took the leap of faith and grabbed the spiced rum with the whale on its label - and never looked back.