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BoatUS ‘Cat’ Team Tackles Marine Catastrophes

South Florida boat owners recently found there is another good reason to be a BoatUS member. In October, the BoatUS Catastrophe or ‘Cat’ Team, made up of professional surveyors, claims processors, transportation providers and crane and barge operators, traveled to …

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Puerto Rico’s South Coast Anchorages

Puerto Rico south coast anchorages

Cruising the south coast of Puerto Rico offers something a little different from the usual blue seas and sandy white beaches of the Caribbean. Its coastline is 70-odd miles of historical Spanish lighthouses, small seaside towns, historic towns, mangrove habitat, …

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Pirates of the Virgin Islands

pirates BVI

The British Virgin Islands have long been associated with pirate activity. There’s fantasy, hearsay, hyperbole, myth and fiction – and a nugget of truth here and there. We know that Sir Francis Drake passed through these islands in 1595 in …

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Caribbean Yacht Insurance

  Yacht insurance has always been a bit of  an issue in the Caribbean and somewhat expensive but neither of these need be the case if Caribbean governments would make third party insurance compulsory and if insurance companies viewed the …

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Memories of Hurricane Hugo – 25 Years On

As a yachtsman there are some things you never forget: The day you buy your boat; the day you sell your boat; the most idyllic landfall; the quickest passage and the most terrifying experience. For many Caribbean sailors the latter …

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On Cyclones, Sheep Herders, and Worse

Charlie of Dockland 5, a true friend to the cruising yachtsmen of NZ

I’m a bit hurricane shy, as befits a sailor who has twice swum away from vessels in 100+ knots of circular breeze. Call me a storm-coward—I am cool with that. Just the phrase ‘tropical hurricane’ makes me pee my pants. …

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Hurricane Tie-Down Storage at Puerto del Rey Marina

Puerto Del Rey hurricane storage highlighted in yellow

It only takes one hurricane in our vicinity to wreak havoc with our lives. Sustained winds at a hundred knots, mountainous seas, six inches of rain in an hour with an eight-foot storm-surge—combine these with flying debris and you have …

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Gulf Coast Islands Potentially Due BILLIONS

Photography by Tony Gilbert

After the ravages of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, the barrier islands of Louisiana and Mississippi are about to benefit from a major investment that could be worth several billion dollars. These narrow, sandy spits of land are …

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FEMA’s Marina in New Orleans

For over 160 years, the Southern Yacht Club has looked out on 100 acres of oak-lined parks, boathouses and marinas of New Orleans’ recreational boating hub on Lake Pontchartrain, West End. The massive state-of-the-art clubhouse was rebuilt after the twin …

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Gulf Coast Dries Out After Hurricane Isaac

Weeks after slow-moving Hurricane Isaac relentlessly dumped water across the Gulf Coast, cleanup efforts continued, especially in New Orleans where many neighborhoods lost electricity for four days. Everyone in New Orleans’ West End worked over Labor Day weekend, tearing out …

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Little Toot in St. Thomas is Restored

Baby boomers may well remember their parents or grandparents reading them the tale of Little Toot. Bound in cardboard and colorfully illustrated, this 1939-published children's story tells about a little tugboat that grew up to save the day.

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NEWS – Rodney Bay Marina Didier Urges Insurance Review

Didier urges insurance review St Lucia – Rodney Bay Marina General Manager Cuthbert Didier says more regionally based insurance companies need to actively solicit business from visiting yachtsmen. Didier, who has formulated a major yachting consultancy for ECLAC and more …

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BVI Helps out with Grenada Hurricane Relief Efforts

BVI SENDS AID TO HURRICANE VICTIMS Our islands have been busy helping with hurricane relief efforts. Eight relief workers left for Grenada to aid nurses and doctors there. “The Department of Disaster Management sent one emergency telecommunications manager, two members from the supply management team, …

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