Haul Outs in Carriacou for Hurricane Season

Tyrell Bay Marina in Carriacou
Tyrell Bay Marina in Carriacou

There’s nothing better than collaboration in a crisis. The result is that everyone wins. Such is the case in Carriacou when operators of the two major marinas – Tyrell Bay Marina Carriacou (TBMC) and Carriacou Marine, in concert with the Government of Grenada, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders, sought a safe way for owners and/or captains to haul out their yachts for hurricane season, which began June 1, while at the same time stay safe since the global threat of COVID-19 is not over. This is especially important since as of the end of May, Carriacou remained COVID-19 free.

The result of these cooperative conversations is two options. 

  • Option 1, nicknamed The Convoy 7, is for those who want to immediately leave after hauling out without interacting with anyone on the island. In a nutshell, these folks must have a reservation at a marina in Tyrell Bay for storage and crew members must test negative to COVID-19. Six yachts maximum a day may enter this way.
  • Option 2, or Q14 for short, is for those who can’t or don’t want to immediately leave the island. First, like the first option, a storage reservation is required for a Carriacou marina or yard. Then, yachts will receive a marine notice on the required protocol by the Grenada Ports Authority or marina official. This protocol includes a 14-day quarantine and COVID-19 testing.

“Yachts started arriving at Carriacou under the Q14 procedure in late May and the first yacht that arrived at Tyrell Bay Marina Carriacou under The Convoy 7 procedure did so in early June,” says the TBMC’s Tony McQuilkin. “As we all work towards a more relaxed opening of our borders, we will likely see the easing of the restrictions in the arrival procedures.”

Why haul out in Carriacou?

“Our shipyard has a large capacity. We can accommodate between 200 and 250 boats. All amenities are within a few hundred meters of the shipyard (restaurants, supermarkets (including the largest on the island), beaches, scuba diving centers, sailmaker, guest houses), and since January Budget Marine has opened a hardware store in our shipyard,” McQuilkin answers of TBMC. www.tyrellbaymarinacarriacou.com

Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.