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Gadgets, Toys and Gizmos Galore… Any product to improve your time on the water!

Balmar Announces Regulator Support for Lithium Batteries

Balmar Announces Regulator Support for Lithium Batteries

Balmar LLC, the leading manufacturer of onboard DC charging systems for cruising sail and power boats today announced enhanced support for the charging of lithium batteries. Balmar’s MC-614, MC-624 and MC-612-DUAL smart regulators have all been equipped with an additional …

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12-volt Caframo Taku hatch fan

The 12-volt Caframo® Taku hatch fan, winner of a Pittman Innovation Award, is designed to provide both powerful ventilation to remove hot, stale air from the cabin and quiet circulation to move air throughout. A unique locking suction cup mounting …

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3D Outdoor Fabric Stretches for Extreme Designs

WeatherMAX 3D is able to stretch and move in three axis, providing a perfect fit without requiring excessive darting to contour to a shape

Standard marine fabrics can cause significant problems when working with complex three-dimensional patterns and shapes. Safety Components’ new WeatherMAX 3D offers the flexibility to fit almost any project. Under tension, the highly elastic fabric stretches 30–100%. When released, it goes …

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Scuba System from Mantus

Mantus Scuba System is designed to be compact, light and portable. Everything fits into a backpack (included) so you can have scuba gear with you on every adventure.

Mantus Scuba System is designed to be compact, light and portable. Everything fits into a backpack (included) so you can have scuba gear with you on every adventure.  An ideal system for cruisers, the small profile tanks fit easily into …

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Super Yacht Toys

Photo Credit: Yacht Chandlers

There once was a time when water toys aboard yachts consisted of snorkel gear and a windsurfer. But as yachts evolved into “mega” then “super,” the water toys were amped up as well. Now personal submarines, jet skis, flyboards and …

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Cruising Must Haves

400 Watts free from the sun. Photo by Birgit Hackl

When we first set out cruising, life in our floating home wasn’t quite as comfy as we’d hoped it would be. Over the years we’ve added gadgets and gear that made life easier while keeping an eye on energy, fuel …

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Selecting the Right Life Raft

Photo courtesy of VIKING

When there is no other option but to abandon ship, having selected the right life raft for your vessel, and the type of boating you do, can mean the difference between life and death. Picking the right life raft can …

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Selecting Binoculars For Boating

A decent pair of binoculars at the helm of any boat can prove to be a valuable piece of equipment and make the captain’s job just a little bit easer. But with so many options out there and prices ranging …

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GoSun Solar Cooking Stove for Boats?

GoPro Solar Stove showcased on the beach.

What if you could cook a hot meal on your boat without use of your electric bank or fuel of any kind except for the sun?  Or better yet…  Throw this portable device in the dinghy and cook up lunch …

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Bristol Finish is alive and well!

Bristol Finish

Bristol Finish is alive and well! Bristol Finish Marine Wood Finish Brand Purchased By Lalandii Coatings, LLC Lalandii Coatings, LLC announces that they have acquired the Bristol Finish brand of high performance marine wood finishes in an asset purchase. This …

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Satellite Messengers Get HELP when out of Range

Photo: Glenn Hayes

In a recent edition of All At Sea we discussed Emergency Positioning Beacons (EPIRBs) and Personal Location Beacons (PLBs) but there is also another option of emergency communication known as satellite messengers. In a life-threatening situation, having a way of …

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Navionics has Massive Update at iCast

Navionics and Vexilar are cooperating to integrate Navionics Boating, the top-ranking app from Navionics, with the Vexilar SonarPhone which will allow boaters to see their sonar and Navionics charts, both full screen and split screen, within the same app.

In conjunction with the start of ICAST we have some exciting news to share with you today. Navionics, has a Massive User Friendly Updated Launched at iCast: the latest update to the Navionics Boating App, the next level of functionality …

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New Tech Improves the Detail of Navionics Charts

, Navionics makes it easier than ever for users to share sonar recordings which improve SonarCharts™ for future trips

NAVIONICS EXPANDS BOATERS’ ABILITY TO IMPROVE THE DETAIL OF THEIR CHARTS Cartography Leader Now Accepts Multiple Sonar Log Formats Enhancing Award-Winning Platform Wareham, Mass. – Navionics, the leader in content and location-based services for the recreational boating and outdoor markets, …

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Dungaroo, New Name in Toilets

Photo by Kathy Bohanan Enzerink

As a youngster, Liz Morris wrote, “When I go to work, I want to be the boss because I own the company.” This precursor to her career was forgotten until Morris’ dad recently found the writing in a box of …

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Furuno Introduces Remote Controller for NavNet TZtouch

When Furuno added their Black Box system to their NavNet TZtouch family, it provided a newfound flexibility for captains that wanted a TZtouch system on larger displays. Shortly after that, Furuno introduced their new line of Multi-touch Marine Monitors that …

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EPIRB GPS – Lifesaving Rescue Beacons

Photo courtesy of ACR Electronics

You are at sea and conditions have rapidly deteriorated. Your vessel is taking on water and the only option is to abandon ship. The radio equipment has been rendered useless and you are left floating or treading water in the …

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Worldwide Internet Access for Boats

If rumors are correct, it seems that Google’s plans for worldwide internet access are moving right along.  Many of you have already heard about Project Loon and the plan to launch balloons covering the globe beaming internet to all the …

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