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Multihulls Multiply in Caribbean Regattas

Multihulls in Caribbean Regattas: Record breaking Phaedo3 has taken the Caribbean regatta scene by storm

Monohulls easily outnumber multihulls in Caribbean regattas but the tide is turning. The sailing world has definitely caught multihull fever. The 2013 America’s Cup opened many eyes and minds to what a catamaran can do. In December, the World Match …

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World’s Fastest Cruising Catamaran Launched in STX

An artist’s impression of Fujin catamaran under sail

It didn’t happen in South Africa, Great Britain, China or even Australia, all countries known for constructing cutting-edge catamarans. Instead, likely the world’s fastest cruising catamaran – with the potential to hit 30 knots – was built in the Caribbean, specifically …

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Lolalita Vacation Therapy

Before I met Ernie and started working on the water, I was studying to be a Licensed Professional Counselor. Halfway through my master’s degree in Mental Health Therapy, I realized that being a counselor wasn’t fun. In fact: it was …

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Honey, I’m home!

Up until this very moment, you were fine. You thought everything was fine, that is. You were probably doing some quotidian task, minding your own business, and then – BAM! It hits you. The question.   “WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN?” …

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True Costs of Owning a CATAMARAN

Grenada Marine

When you are starting your search for a catamaran, one of the first and most important questions you need to ask yourself in your search for the right catamaran is “What is my budget?” Usually, however, trying to answer this …

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Olympic Duel Set for St Barth Cata Cup

Olympic duel on the island: John Casey to take on Billy Besson

60 teams signed up for hugely popular regatta In fewer than two months, Saint Barthélémy will host the seventh edition of the St. Barth Cata Cup, which will take place from November 19 to 23 in St. Jean bay. A …

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I am in love with words. The thrill of finding that one, idyllic word is not only addicting, but sets an obsession in my heart. I tirelessly hunt the corners of my mind- old SAT prep vocabulary? Merriam-Webster’s Word of The Day …

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Trends in Power Catamaran Boat Design

Artist’s impression of the proposed power trimaran. Photos courtesy of Gold Coast Yachts

Charter operators, sports fishermen and ferry owners prioritize function and bottom line when choosing a power catamaran boat. When finding out what’s new in this arena, there’s no one better to ask than the team at Gold Coast Yachts in …

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Making Boat Life Easier

Everyone runs their household in a different way, and the same goes for boats. No two crew or owners do the exact same thing or feel the same way about almost anything. One dive instructor prefers the scuba tanks mounted here! …

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Choosing a Charter Yacht: One Hull or Two?

Photo courtesy of The Moorings

Two hulls are better than one. This thinking has launched the tremendous popularity of catamarans for charter over the last decade. But why? “Space,” answers Ann Wallis-White, owner of Annapolis-based Ann Wallis-White Yacht Charters. “Clients choose catamarans for the same …

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55 Boats Race the Saint Barth Cata Cup 2013

Photography by Rosemond Gréaux

The roster filled up almost as soon as registration opened with top sailors from around the world anxiously awaiting the 6th edition of the Saint Barth Cata Cup, a regatta for F18 catamarans that has matured into one of the …

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Catamaran or Monohull?

Irie under full sail in the Bahamas, where her shallow draft came in handy. Photo courtesy of S/V Cindy’s Island

Catamaran or monohull? It’s a hot discussion amongst cruisers. Just like those other considerations: Sailboat or power boat? Water maker or not? Solar panels, wind generator, gas generator or all three? Around Cape Horn or through the Panama Canal? It’s …

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Gunboat Now Manufacturing in Wanchese NC

  How many time have you heard, ‘If we can just get manufacturing jobs back in the U.S.A., we can get this economy turned around’? In North Carolina, Governor Bev Purdue is committed to getting people back to work and …

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Whats NEW at the Caribbean Boatyards

Boatyards throughout the Caribbean offer everything from routine maintenance to extensive haul-out facilities and services for sail and power boaters. Here's a sample of ‘What's New' in yards on a number of islands.

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