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Before I met Ernie and started working on the water, I was studying to be a Licensed Professional Counselor. Halfway through my master’s degree in Mental Health Therapy, I realized that being a counselor wasn’t fun. In fact: it was hard. Hard on your heart more than anything; emotionally draining. That’s not to say that there aren’t people out there who are completely perfect for the job. I met many counselors that were extremely skilled – finding balance in their lives, keeping from absorbing the energy that naturally comes with listening to others discuss their personal and sometimes painful lives.

I just wasn’t one of those people. I’m an emotional lobster; a spongy, emotional lobster. I always have my emotional “feelers” out, tasting the emotive energy in the air, wanting to shift the energy to a much more palatable “middle-of-the-road-to-positive” side… And if all else fails, absorbing the negative energy to try and neutralize it. Not exactly the best qualities of a counselor, although, at least I got the Emotionally Intelligent part down.

I feel you.
I feel you.

Time to tack. Guests come out with us on catamaran Lolalita and, as a result of living in close quarters with each other for a week, naturally find out my “history.” Almost inevitably, they all say, “OH! You can therapize my family while we’re onboard!” I used to feel awkward about that, but I realize that my skills are not a complete waste (hallelujah, because those student loans would tell me otherwise).

Our entire crew is, in a very unique way, going through “therapy” with our guests, in a very indirect, gentle, loving fashion.

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  • We feed them healthy, satisfying food that we know they love. (Food Therapy?)
  • We facilitate families interacting with each other. (Family Therapy?)
  • The crew interacts with guests and makes them feel welcome and loved. (Hospitable Therapy?)
  • We play games with them, which naturally leads to laughter. (Play Therapy? Laughter Therapy?)
  • We ask them questions about themselves to get to know them, to let them know we care about who they are. (Individual Therapy?)
  • We share with them our love of the ocean. (Marine Therapy?)
  • We remember things they like and surprise them with special treats. (Love-Language Therapy?)
  • We facilitate a relaxing, fun, easy-going environment for them to unwind however they like. (Vacation Therapy? Absolutely).

Just goes to show: there’s more than one way to therapize a family.

Feel free to comment with any other ways a crewed charter yacht vacation can be a form of therapy!

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Megan and Ernie Schlobohm
Megan and Ernie Schlobohm
Ernie and Megan are a husband/wife, captain/chef team, owning and operating the classic 65-ft Privilege sailing Catamaran, Lolalita, in the Virgin Islands. Ernie is a 1600GT All Oceans USCG Master with 16 years in the charter yacht industry. Megan is a Georgia girl, serving as gourmet chef onboard their charter yacht. They are both NAUI Dive Instructors as well. Yacht Lolalita is fully equipped for sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, gourmet cuisine, and creating lasting memories with friends and families on a luxury vacation.

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