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New Products

New products

Flexible Solar Panel From SUNBEAMsystems Designed in Sweden with clean looks, a high finish and with no visible internal wiring, the surface of the SUNBEAMsystem ‘Tough’ flexible solar panel is, as the name suggests, tougher than other panels seen before …

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Sailing with Charlie: Crew


Even before the passage she made it known that she wanted nothing to do with George, the first mate. “He keeps looking at my boobs,” she complained, “he’s ogling my bum as well.” More and more yachts are moving around …

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St. Martin Sea Rescue Service Awarded Prix de L’OMI

Honorary certificates for St. Martin lifeboat crew The St. Martin sea rescue service SNSM have been presented with an honorary certificate by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in recognition of the bravery and sense of duty shown by the volunteer crew …

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A Sea-Going Ghost of Christmas Past

Fatty In a Hatty

It was the late 1950s.  We were in the tiny fishing village of Carrabelle, Florida, rafted alongside some fishing boats. Our iron-fastened 40-year-old schooner Elizabeth blended right in with her rusty, rough-hewn topsides. My mom was counting our pennies to …

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Mushrooms Are Tattletales

I am fascinated by the process of teaching, mostly (probably) because I’m no good at it. I embody that phrase we all know: “Those who can’t teach do; those who can’t do teach.” I am a do-er, not a teacher. …

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Lolalita Vacation Therapy

Before I met Ernie and started working on the water, I was studying to be a Licensed Professional Counselor. Halfway through my master’s degree in Mental Health Therapy, I realized that being a counselor wasn’t fun. In fact: it was …

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Security Aboard a Superyacht

EU Naval Force captures suspected Somali pirates.

We live in an era that glorifies the culture of pirates of the past. Every year, the memories of Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte and Anne Bonny are toasted with mugs of grog at pirate festivals in Florida coastal towns. But when …

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Ask Anita: Keep Your Day Job

  Dear Anita, After a recent holiday where we learned how to drive 18-foot sailboats, my husband and I have decided to start a new career together in the yachting industry. He is 35 and I am 34, and we …

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Sail Opportunities with Andy Schell

Sail with Andy Schell

For more info on all the passages and to contact Andy, visit 59-north.com/events or call Andy on 484-269-3358. Caribbean Adventure Sailing Come sailing with Andy in the Caribbean next winter! Serenity, a 43-foot classic Shannon ketch will be our home …

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Yacht Crew Fatigue

Sue Blundell / SJO Illustrations

As seafarers working aboard yachts our primary responsibility is safety. Safety of our guests, safety of our crewmates, safety of our vessel and safety of ourselves, nothing is more important. We assume when we are on charter or the owner …

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Making Boat Life Easier

Everyone runs their household in a different way, and the same goes for boats. No two crew or owners do the exact same thing or feel the same way about almost anything. One dive instructor prefers the scuba tanks mounted here! …

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New Superyacht Crew Training Facility in Barcelona, Spain

The Nautical Academy is delighted to announce the opening of its new superyacht crew training facility in Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92).

The Nautical Academy is delighted to announce the opening of its new superyacht crew training facility in Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92). The Academy will be our industries first full training facility, providing all the tools …

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Yacht Crew Relations – Sex and the Superyacht

Image courtesy of iStock Photography

While not all megayachts are the scene of tabloid sexcapades, onboard hookups are not unusual. In this rarified world where owners, crew and guests mingle in close quarters, flush with fine food, premium libations and breathtaking sunsets over turquoise waters, …

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Get Ready for the Perfect Setting Tabletop Challenge!

Perfect Setting Tabletop Challenge Logo

The Perfect Setting Tabletop Challenge held annually at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will be hosted this year by International Crew Training (ICT). The event will take place on Friday October 26th during the day and will be followed by …

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