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New Products
SUNBEAMsystem catwalk

Flexible Solar Panel From SUNBEAMsystems
Designed in Sweden with clean looks, a high finish and with no visible internal wiring, the surface of the SUNBEAMsystem ‘Tough’ flexible solar panel is, as the name suggests, tougher than other panels seen before in the solar industry. Made to endure the tough marine environment, the double UV protection in the flexible panel increases the panel’s lifespan. More scratch-resistant, compared to other models, the new surface material has 1-2% better transparency compared to glass, which enhances performance.

Thanks to their excellent solar cells, SUNBEAMsystem panels deliver the promised wattage.  In test after test, these panels outperformed other panels with similar claimed output.  Although small and light, they deliver undiminished performance and high energy production.

Flexible, just 3mm thick, and with an integrated anti-slip surface, you can walk on the panels without problems, even with heels. The LOXX model SUNBEAM panel can even be fixed onto your Bimini or canvas using special locked snap fasteners by LOXXTM.

SUNBEAMsystem panels will be a hit with boat owners looking for a stylish, environmentally friendly and versatile solution to their yacht’s power requirements. For more info log on to:  www.sunbeamsystem.com or visit Budget Marine.

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The Humble Bucket Finally Improved Upon, and Then Some
Since its introduction in the late ‘60s, the ubiquitous five-gallon plastic pail hasn’t changed much—until now. Shurhold Industries introduces the One Bucket System. It turns its World’s Best Rope Handle Bucket into an extraordinary, multipurpose cleaning and storage solution.

The Five-Gallon Rope Handle Bucket is made in the USA and features a soft, 3/4in braided, nylon rope handle for easy lifting and comfortable carrying. Built to last, it won’t rust or damage delicate boat finishes.

Elevated off the bottom of the pail is the removable Bucket Grate. Dirt and debris fall through the grate, so the wash tool is always in clean water. Brushes can be scrubbed against it to remove grime. It also has two built-in 3oz. measuring cups for accurate proportioning of cleaning products.

The Bucket Caddy is the perfect place to store bottles, tools and other supplies. It nestles within the bucket for storage, on top of the grate. Its integrated handle makes it easy to pull out and move around while working.

Built of sturdy, high-quality plastic, the Bucket Seat/Lid snaps onto the bucket rim and keeps both the system and supplies secure. Padded, it makes the perfect place to sit and take a break.

Shurhold’s optional soft rubber Bucket Base keeps the One Bucket System from tipping, scratching or slipping. www.shurhold.com


New Products
Edson Marine’s Side Mount Outboard Engine Bracket

New Side-Mount Outboard Engine Bracket from Edson
Edson International’s new Side-Mount Outboard Engine Brackets are designed to secure small electric and gasoline-powered outboard motors directly to the side of small sailing vessels.

The new side-mount bases are cast from red bronze in Edson’s Anbar Foundry, and the brackets are machined and welded in Edson’s New Bedford-based machine shop from Stainless Steel, and finished with two teak blocks and leather chafe protection. A tethered eyebolt allows for easy installation and removal of the bracket from the bronze mounting plate.

Available in two sizes, the Side-Mount Outboard Engine Bracket is engineered for both port and starboard sides of the boat and provides a removable and elegant mount for your small boats and traditional craft. www.edsonmarine.com


New products
‘SnotTape navigates and seals for perfect edges even over curves and textured surfaces.


We love the name of this new product that boatyards, crew, and DIYers will find especially useful. It’s called ‘SnotTape because it’s not tape, however, it works similarly to painter’s tape, although with extreme improvements.

‘SnotTape has proven itself innovative and indispensable and was recently chosen as a featured product by the online consumer launch platform thegrommet.com.

Primary applications are for painting and staining projects. It navigates and seals for perfect edges even over curves and textured surfaces. Cutting it in half when you don’t need the full 1.25in masking area allows you to pull tighter corners yet.  In marine applications, it has proven excellent for use on waterlines, accent stripes, wood decking/accents and more.

‘SnotTape comes in two varieties, The gray box is a stickier multi-surface product, which works best on most previously painted surfaces, high gloss surfaces, and areas that tapes are generally harder to stick. The black box is less sticky for specialty surfaces and works best on aggressive primers, flat finish surfaces, and delicate surfaces where the surface could be damaged by other tapes. Independent lab testing has verified ‘SnotTape is 50 x better at stopping paint bleed than the competition.

More information about the testing is available on the website. snottape.com

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