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Sailing Green to Minimize Carbon Footprint

Journey fitted out with solar panels for 'sailing green'. Photograph by Monica Pisani

Once we decided to sail into the sunset, we committed ourselves to minimize our carbon footprint and ‘sailing green’. From that day on, our everyday would be directly connected to nature, moving with the wind, and generating our energy from …

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New Products

New products

Flexible Solar Panel From SUNBEAMsystems Designed in Sweden with clean looks, a high finish and with no visible internal wiring, the surface of the SUNBEAMsystem ‘Tough’ flexible solar panel is, as the name suggests, tougher than other panels seen before …

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Ever Wondered About a Water Maker?

Water Maker: Our water maker removed from its snug position under the sink and looking a bit sorry for itself prior to overhaul. Photo by Sim Hoggarth

Have you ever wondered about a water maker? We did. Every time I lugged those jerry jugs aboard. Every time I ran across the bay to the water dock in the dinghy on a wild and windy day. Every time …

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Green Cruising

Environment: Green Cruising: 400 Watts from the sun

Topics like sustainable resources and waste disposal are all over the media, the public shows concern and agrees that something should be done in order to save the planet. For many, environmental woes remain somewhat theoretical, distant, brushed aside by …

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Cruising Must Haves

400 Watts free from the sun. Photo by Birgit Hackl

When we first set out cruising, life in our floating home wasn’t quite as comfy as we’d hoped it would be. Over the years we’ve added gadgets and gear that made life easier while keeping an eye on energy, fuel …

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Solar Panels vs. Wind Generators

Many cruisers are now taking advantage of solar energy. Photography By Glenn Hayes

We all know that it would be great to have unlimited power onboard while at sea or swinging on the hook but the limitations of our onboard power supply make it painfully clear that this cannot be the case for …

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