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Caribbean Chartering – Ten Hot Topics

Caribbean Charters

What’s hot when it comes to the Caribbean’s charter industry? All At Sea asked over half-a-dozen companies from South Florida to Grenada to share their thoughts on ten topics. 1. Everyone Charters – Seriously “The most exciting trend to me …

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The Barnard’s of Barefoot Yacht Charters

Barefoot Yacht Charters

The Caribbean’s charter yacht industry certainly boasts iconic pioneers such as Commander V.E.B. Nicholson in Antigua, of Nicholson Yacht Charters fame, and Charlie and Ginny Cary, who founded The Moorings in the British Virgin Islands. Equally among these pioneers is …

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Six Reasons to Charter the Caribbean in the Summer

Charter Caribbean: Xenia catamarans. Photo courtesy of Regency Yacht Vacations

The Caribbean is one of the best-kept secrets in terms of charter destinations come the summer. That’s because while many folks head to perennially favorite spots like the Mediterranean or New England, there are unique advantages to chartering in the …

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Caribbean News

The new board of directors at the Marine & Yachting Association of Grenada

France’s Nautech to open refit facilities in Cuba French based refit and repair company Nautech has announced that they will be opening a superyacht refit facility in Cuba. The announcement comes after Cuba’s borders have been opened to the U.S., with …

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Charter Provisioning: Purchase OR DIY?

Photo courtesy of The Moorings

There’s something about the sea air that revs an appetite. No wonder one of the most common questions when booking a bareboat charter is about provisioning. There are two ways to stock the galley. Do the shopping yourself. Purchase a …

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Charter Series: Charter with Kids on Board

Sailing vacations can be some of the best additions to a family’s life experiences. Ann-Wallis White, owner of Annapolis, Md. based Ann-Wallis White Yacht Charters, explains that careful planning is key. “Be patient, be logical. Do not expect too much …

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Choosing a Charter Yacht: One Hull or Two?

Photo courtesy of The Moorings

Two hulls are better than one. This thinking has launched the tremendous popularity of catamarans for charter over the last decade. But why? “Space,” answers Ann Wallis-White, owner of Annapolis-based Ann Wallis-White Yacht Charters. “Clients choose catamarans for the same …

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Choosing a Charter: The Joys of Power Yachts

Photo Courtesy of MarineMax Vacations

On a powerboat, it’s ‘when will we get there?’  On a sailing yacht, you’re already there — Ami Ira There’s a great saying that aptly describes the difference between power versus sail. That is, “On a powerboat, it’s ‘when will …

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What Type of Charter is Right for You?

Courtesy of The Moorings

“There are so many factors in every charter trip,” says Ann Wallis-White, owner of Annapolis-based Ann-Wallis White Yacht Charters, who advises clients and answers these questions daily. The points to consider when organizing a yacht charter are much the same …

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NEWS: BVI Team victorious in Caribbean Dinghy Championships

Team BVI - Caribbean Dinghy Champions 2013. Photo: Kevin Johnson - www.kevinjohnsonphotography.com

British Virgin Islands Team victorious in Caribbean Dinghy Championships The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) sanctioned Caribbean Dinghy Championships hosted jointly by Antigua Yacht Club and Antigua’s National Sailing Academy took place in November. Barbados, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Trinidad and …

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Anguilla: An A-List Port of Call

Perfect sand beaches and sheltered waters at Crocus Bay make for happy guests, whether nautical or lubberly. Photo: www.sherryspix.com

From a distance, from my perspective grinding winches during a Heineken Regatta years ago, Anguilla didn’t look like much. Quiet, gently sloping and lacking the drama of the hump-backed mountains of St. Martin off our starboard beam as we sliced …

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Seven Top Yacht Charter Trends

Picture courtesy of Horizon Yacht Charters www.horizonyachtcharters.com

A sampling of the responses from crewed brokerages and bareboat companies provides a peek at the hot trends in the Caribbean charter yacht industry. 1. Business is Looking Up for Charters! Business seems better, says Ann McHorney, founder and director …

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