Hot At Sea

Panama: Atlantic to Pacific with the Corina IV

Panama City from the Amador Causeway overlooking the north anchorage

Approaching Panama, the winds tend to die and the sea becomes still, even glassy. This is what we experienced 60 miles off the Panamanian coast after three days close hauled from Jamaica. The winds had been south of east the ... Read More »

Boat Bites: Plant Based Poppers


  Enjoy exotic and fanciful flavors in three quick-to-prepare snacks and appetizers, sure to enliven your springtime social gatherings. Healthful ingredients blended to rich textures will delight everyone’s taste buds. Basil and dill, among the basic family of herbs, are ... Read More »

“Good Morning!” From Someone Who Used to Loathe Mornings

lolalita morning yoga

  Ask my mom- she won’t lie. Ask her how her daughter feels about the morning, waking up, being up early, functioning at any am-hour. From what she can remember (not having lived at home for quite some time now), mornings ... Read More »

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