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Gorgeous Marine Technology, New Problems

Fatty doesn’t know what half this stuff does

I’m a believer in new marine technology—an early-adapter of long standing. Thus, when I received my personal Ocean Signal AIS (Automatic Identification System) RescueMe MOB1 unit I was thrilled. Not only would it alert ships in the area if I …

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High Technology Electronics: Perfect for Modern Disasters!

  Isn’t it wonderful that the navigator of the Volvo 70 Vestas Wind had the very latest in high-technology electronic charts—the most state-of-the-art navigation software imaginable—otherwise he’d never have been able to pile up that multi-million dollar racing machine on …

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Cruising Must Haves

400 Watts free from the sun. Photo by Birgit Hackl

When we first set out cruising, life in our floating home wasn’t quite as comfy as we’d hoped it would be. Over the years we’ve added gadgets and gear that made life easier while keeping an eye on energy, fuel …

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AIS – Advancing Navigation Technology

AIS, or the Automatic Identification System, was originally developed to aid in the safe navigation and collision avoidance of large vessels entering and exiting busy waterways and ports. Today it has morphed into a plethora of affordable electronic products and …

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Keep Calm and Read the Instructions

This edition of All At Sea has something for everyone who loves the Caribbean and watersports. Yacht racing, cruising, fishing, navigation, rallies, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and more. I have to admit that SUP has me baffled. In the past, …

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The Lighter Side of AIS

The biggest advance in marine electronics in recent history is the Automatic Identification System - commonly referred to as AIS.

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