We are beyond excited to see the flurry of activity taking place. Foundations are being poured and buildings are going up as we speak.

Kiteboarding is best learned through instruction rather than trial-and-error. That said, there are many kiting schools located throughout the Caribbean. 

Rum drinking in the Royal Navy didn’t start because of a generous Admiralty. It began because water and beer went sour on long voyages

Nautical navigation has come a long way in the last four decades. In 1980 GPS was only just over the horizon (pun intended) for private use.

Sailing is super. Now, there’s also a great opportunity for those new to power boating or confident powerboaters new to chartering in the British Virgin Islands

Celebrated on nearly every Caribbean island, Carnival, is traditionally celebrated right before Lent. Here's the Top Caribbean Carnivals

Ronald Hilliman, and his brother Germain, showed up to work the day after Hurricane Irma having lost everything. When asked what they wanted to do, their joint answer was simple: ‘we need to work’. Work they did.

December is all about the festive season and Christmas is a huge celebration in the Caribbean

After leaving the busyness of the US and its often-crowded harbors, it is very special to spend a week on the open water and not see anything or anyone

There are new undersea sites to see in the British Virgin Islands. A trash to treasure program spearheaded by the BVI-based non-profit, Beyond the Reef, sank four hurricane-ravaged vessels

Going green used to mean that someone was about to be sea sick – not any more

Sharon, and I have sailed the British Virgin Islands several times but it’s been six years since our last charter. First time for our crew...

Experience paid off as local sport fishing legend, Captain Red Bailey, led the anglers and crew to a top boat win at Marlin University’s tournament

Virtually every island in the Caribbean boasts an ideal spot to bird watch. Here are our 10-top Destinations for Bird Watchers

So you’ve decided to quit the rat race. You’ve found the perfect boat, good rig, sails, engine, instruments and ground tackle.

Have you noticed how many boxes are sailing in Caribbean waters these days. There are big ones, little ones, giant ones, cheap ones and expensive ones.

The Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) will re-open its marina village this season in its iconic location of North Sound, Virgin Gorda, in the BVI

The Caribbean islands are resplendent with scenic mountain summits as well as riddled with spectacular cave systems. Many caves are open to the public

At the end of the trip no tip was forthcoming. he had relinquished the expected gratuity by his rejection of what many would take to be a generous offer

Janet Oliver, of the Charter Yacht Society of the BVI, presented a check in the amount of US $1830 to help fund the Club’s Youth Sailing Program.