The Bitter End Yacht Club purchased 132 additional devices, bringing the total to over 1,000 Chromebooks contributed to the Ministry of Education

For centuries, mariners have found natural harbors, protected bays and dense mangrove lagoons in which to protect their vessels from storms

We are beyond excited to see the flurry of activity taking place. Foundations are being poured and buildings are going up as we speak.

The Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) will re-open its marina village this season in its iconic location of North Sound, Virgin Gorda, in the BVI

The Caribbean islands are resplendent with scenic mountain summits as well as riddled with spectacular cave systems. Many caves are open to the public

If you swim, you can snorkel. Easier than diving as no certification isn’t required, all you need is a mask and snorkel to see the Best Snorkeling Caribbean

Bitter End Yacht Club has re-opened its Bitter End Provisions, a new line of seaworthy gear and goods that includes men’s, women’s, children’s and pet’s apparel as well as totes, tumblers and tees.