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Floridians Care for Their Corals

Floridians Care For Their Coral, ALL AT SEA January 2016

During the final two decades of the 20th century, scientists and educators flooded magazines and newspapers with news of coral reefs dying all over the world. By 2007, both federal and state governments responded with legislation including grants giving communities …

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Yachtsmen and Whats Left Behind

History tells us that seafarers from far-off shores have always left their mark on the lands they visit and the islands of the Caribbean are no exception.

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Gyres Big Trash Eddies and Rubber Ducks

How do seeds from vines in Mexico end up in Norway and Japanese fishing floats find their way to Alaska? The same way 29,000 bathtub toys washed up almost 2500 miles away on the shores of Alaska

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New Trash Islands Discovered

Scientists studying the largest of the new islands know it by several names including the Pacific Trash Vortex, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the Eastern Pacific Patch.

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