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South Florida News: Anchoring Restrictions Pass

Anchoring Restrictions Pass

Anchoring Restrictions Pass in South Florida Florida Governor Scott signed into law House Bill 1051 Anchoring Limitation Areas which will restrict anchoring at five locations in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. The law will go into effect July 1, 2016. Boating organizations …

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Green Cruising

Environment: Green Cruising: 400 Watts from the sun

Topics like sustainable resources and waste disposal are all over the media, the public shows concern and agrees that something should be done in order to save the planet. For many, environmental woes remain somewhat theoretical, distant, brushed aside by …

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Anchored to Reality—Well, Sort Of!

  Being the author of a 365 page technical manual on anchoring—is a drag. Literally. Since I’ve released Creative Anchoring I’ve been dragging all over Southeast Asia. It’s as if my world is suddenly Teflon-coated and my anchors have skates …

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Tips for Bareboaters, Snowbirds & Casual Cruisers

The tails on these bowlines on the boom end reefing lines are too short. Photo by Julian Putley

Here are some important tips for bareboaters, snowbirds and casual cruisers alike.  Lessons everyone can learn from. Have you ever pulled into an anchorage and noticed a bareboat tied to a mooring ball with a large triangle of jib sticking …

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Anchoring a Boat: The Ultimate Guide

Ganesh’s Rocna anchor fits like a glove

If you don’t know how to safely anchor your vessel for the conditions expected, you should not leave the dock. Anchoring is the bedrock skill of the cruising sailor. Anchoring is, at its core, extremely simple. However, perfecting your technique …

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Anchoring Under Sail

“To think that a lot of people consider it very difficult to enter a harbor without an engine…it depends on the harbor, of course, but if they would only try it, perhaps they would never again press the starter.“

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