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Shockles Absorb Jarring Loads on Lines and Chains

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Whether tied to a dock or mooring, at anchor or towing a dinghy, lines and chains create enormous stress on cleats, chocks, fairleads and related fittings, especially when suddenly jarred. Shockles™ from Davis Instruments is a patented line of simple, innovative devices that absorbs the damaging shock loads placed on a boat’s hardware and cordage from wakes, chop, waves and tidal surges. They make for a safer, more comfortable boating experience.

Shockles are built to last. They’re made from UV-resistant nylon webbing that’s stitched over an internal line limiter and elastomer system. This is what creates the unique progressive tensioning that smoothes and tempers jarring and snapping. Marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware is used for durability and superior strength.

Available in black or blue, Shockles LineSnubber™ fits lines from 3/8” to 3/4” in diameter. Twenty inches long at rest, it attaches to the line with its pair of 3-7/8” captive carabiners and stretches from 4”–8” to gradually absorb loading. AnchorSnubber, designed for chain, has two 3-1/16” key pin halyard shackles.

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A bungee cord on steroids, MiniShockles™ feature a pair of wire gate snaps and are designed for lighter loads up to 300lb. They’re offered in three lengths, 12”, 18” and 24”. www.davisnet.com

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