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Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta: Changing Times

Michele Korteweg, Director of the Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta

Charles Darwin would have made a great regatta director. Old Charlie knew a thing or two about evolution; he even did a bit of sailing. When you compare the 2014/15 sailing calendar of events with those of a few years …

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Sticky Sint Maarten

We know where we want to go but can we leave St. Maarten?

How can one not love an island with two harmonious countries, three languages, cheese, wine, baguettes, and a racing fleet of misses: Miss Tyknight, Miss Issippi, Miss Spent, and my personal favorite, Miss Tandfog? We had visited St. Maarten/St. Martin …

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2014 Heineken Regatta

Andy Budgen’s Volvo 70 Monster Project put on a ‘Southern Ocean’ performance. Photo: Gary Brown/OceanMedia

The 2014 St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, the Caribbean’s largest annual yacht-racing affair, was this year also one of the most competitive editions in the event’s long, 34-year history. In roughly half of the fleet’s 20 separate classes, nothing was decided …

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NEWS: Simpson Bay Lagoon Causeway Bridge in operation

Simpson Bay Lagoon Causeway. Photo: OceanMedia

Simpson Bay Lagoon Causeway Bridge in operation Sint Maarten – The new causeway bridge spanning the Simpson Bay Lagoon opened to vehicular and maritime traffic in late December. The 2508ft (760m) causeway supports two lanes of traffic and is accessed …

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NEWS – Second Life for used Sails Project

Showing the mega yachts how it’s done! The Marietje Andrea transits the Simpson Bay Bridge with nary a scratch to paintwork or concrete. Photo: OceanMedia

Second Life for used Sails Project Haiti – The Second Life Used Sails project, planned to assist Haitian fishermen who rely on sail-powered boats, received the approval of the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) as an SSCA endorsed ‘Clean Wake’ …

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The Most Challenging…

Two circumnavigations later and still Lagoonies at heart

The Gods did not want us to go to Sint Maarten. They sent gales and headwinds and adverse currents—and did everything possible to force us into Barbados with all our other transatlantic friends. But I’m both stubborn and stupid in …

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Heineken Regatta – 25 Years in St. Maarten

March is the month when more than 2,000 sailors, press and sailing enthusiasts fly into St Maarten, many for the first time, to take part in the Heineken Regatta. They join the hundreds of Mega Yacht crew who are based …

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BVI Spring Regatta to expand further

BVI Spring Regatta to expand further The 2005 BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival is set to expand this year with the addition of dinghy and windsurfing classes. Two years ago, one-design IC24 racing was added to the event and …

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St. Maarten Charter Yacht Exhibition

“If everything goes to plan and all the captains are happy, that’s what we’ll call a success,” exhibition chair Kass Johnson-Halliday told All At Sea back in November, when looking forward to the inaugural St Maarten Charter Yacht exhibition. By the close …

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