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Kayak Tours in Grenada

Photography by Fi Plavenieks

Paddling off across an azure sea, trade winds tempering the soaring heat, lush green vegetation overhanging from the land and stunning vistas in every direction, you’ve arrived in kayak tours paradise. Grenada is a wonderfully vibrant, colourful and diverse Caribbean …

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Florida Kayak Trail Beckons Paddlers

Photo by Rafael Lima

Your kayak slows over turquoise water only a few inches deep. Something shimmers ahead – a heat mirage? It looks like houses in crayon colors: yellow, green, red and blue, somehow hovering weightlessly over the bay. Squinting now – no, …

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Transporting Your Kayak

Now you have your new kayak and are rigged and ready to fish, but unless you are one of the lucky few that live on a body of water that is good to fish you have to find a way …

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How to Rig a Kayak for Fishing

Rigging a kayak for fishing is a task that requires some forethought and planning but also can be a constant work in progress. There are those kayak fishermen out there that have fully customized their craft with more options, gadgets …

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How To Select A Kayak For Fishing

So you’re hooked! You want to get on the water and catch fish like never before from a kayak, but it seems as if there are as many different kinds of fishing kayaks out there as there are lures to …

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