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Boat Buying Guide Boat Maintenance Costs

A boat has to be taken care of in order to operate properly and retain her eye appeal. The saltwater marine environment is tough on everything, and what the saltwater doesn’t attack, the Caribbean sun does.

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Why does Boat Insurance Cost So Much?

All At Sea asks the boat insurance experts... Why does boat insurance cost so much? What can boat owners do to keep their insurance costs down? What are the requirements to qualify for boat insurance?

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Top Five Buying Tips for Boat Insurance

Talk with some experts regarding boat insurance. They have offered good, comprehensive information. It is important to fully understand the cost, requirements, and coverage of insurance before you buy.

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NEWS – Rodney Bay Marina Didier Urges Insurance Review

Didier urges insurance review St Lucia – Rodney Bay Marina General Manager Cuthbert Didier says more regionally based insurance companies need to actively solicit business from visiting yachtsmen. Didier, who has formulated a major yachting consultancy for ECLAC and more …

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Boating Insurance – Another Perspective

It’s a migration that occurs every year; hundreds of boaters making their way south for a few months to ride out the tropical storms and ease their boating insurance. Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados are some of the islands usually well outside …

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