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Beautiful Warderick Wells

Warderick Wells Bahamas : The moorings at Warderick Wells … a study in blue. Photo by Monica Pisani

At low tide, the scenery changed with the birth of a white sandy island in the middle of the bay. It offered a wonderful moment to relax, swim, walk, and absorb the beauty that will forever be inside our hearts. …

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Whale Tales

Photo: Stephanie Wallwork www.aquatci.com

Whales: The largest creatures ever to have lived on this planet; outgrowing and outliving dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. Growing up to 98-feet long, the colossal 190 tonne Blue Whale beats them all. Yet today whales stand alongside the growing number …

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Low Frequency Active Sonar Kills Whales and Dolphins

Low Frequency Active Sonar Kills Whales and Dolphins Paul Jepson, a marine scientist with the Zoological Society of London reports in Nature Magazine that post-mortem examination of 10 beaked whales found conclusive evidence of “the bends.” Jepson, along with other scientists, studied …

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Thar She Blows! Whales in the Caribbean

An amazing thing happened to me on a whale-watching trip out of Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the early 90s. I was on a boat with approximately 100 people. The captain remembered me from prior trips and allowed me to sit with …

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