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South Florida News: Miami Boat Show By the Numbers

Miami Boat Show By the Numbers

Miami Boat Show by the Numbers Miami — The 2016 Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show® celebrated its 75th anniversary at its new home at the Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin, Presidents Day Weekend. With 100,279 attendees, up by …

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Sailors of the Past

Sailors of the Past: The year is 1917 and Hollandia is launched in Anna Bay, Curaçao

Enter the elegant foyer of the new seaside Terramar Museum in downtown Kralendijk, Bonaire and you will be greeted by stunning images from the maritime past—young Bonairean deckhands daringly diving from mast tops, burly dock workers moving heavy cargo at …

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Deepwater Horizon, The Long Road to Recovery

Scientists from Audubon Nature Institute and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries prepare to release a sea turtle after being treated for oil exposure from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard

It seems as though it happened just yesterday, but April 20 will mark the fourth anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Eleven workers on the rig tragically lost their lives, and oil gushed from the damaged well for …

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Little Toot in St. Thomas is Restored

Baby boomers may well remember their parents or grandparents reading them the tale of Little Toot. Bound in cardboard and colorfully illustrated, this 1939-published children's story tells about a little tugboat that grew up to save the day.

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