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The JMP Corporation Celebrates 40 Years

  The saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ certainly applies to the founding of the JMP Corporation in 1977. Since its humble beginnings, the South Korea-based company with its U.S. headquarters in Miami, Florida, has grown to become a …

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Power Dolly Simplifies Trailer Maneuvering

Power Dolly

Even a small, lightweight boat trailer can be tricky to maneuver, especially in spots too tight for both it and the tow vehicle. The Parkit360 Force 5K power dolly is perfect for these situations. It provides the muscle to effortlessly …

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For Blue Water, a Man-Overboard Alarm is a Must

Man-overboard alarm

Blue water cruisers, sailors and mega yacht deckhands understand the seriousness of a man-overboard situation. When every second matters, the key to a successful recovery is a quick response by crew. Emerald Marine Products’ ALERT418™ Man-Overboard Alarm System is a …

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The Basics of Onboard Drone Flying

DJI Inspire with camera

Have you ever looked through binoculars at the masthead to see why a halyard is fouled or to see what has chafed? If you have, you will know how difficult it is to see anything clearly and have probably had …

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Reef Navigation Using Satellite Images

Image by Christian Feldbauer

Many atolls and reef areas have only sketchy charts or are entirely uncharted. Of course, reef navigation means a great deal of eye-ball navigation – regardless of chart availability. Nevertheless, it helps a lot knowing beforehand where the navigable channels …

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Robotic Boats Become a Reality

robotic boats

Captain-less boats? It may not be a far-fetched idea, especially in an age where self-driving cars make headline news. In fact, the innovation of self-driving, drone, robotic boats or yachts is the subject of intense research spanning everything from cutting-edge …

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New EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor

EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor

  Dutch-based Mastervolt launches the EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor, a slim display especially designed to be used on an open console or a flybridge. The color touch screen has a multi-language menu, and can be easily customized to show …

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New Marine Antennas Bring Internet and Hi-Def TV on Board

marine antennas

Shakespeare®, global leader in marine antennas, has expanded boaters’ ability to stay in touch with the world with its new, innovative WebWatch™. The all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and high-definition television (HDTV) marine antenna can keep devices connected to the Internet from …

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The Interconnected Marine Industry IoT – Internet of Things

Marine Industry IoT

One of the latest tech buzzwords is the Internet of Things (IoT). Instead of person-to-person communication, the IoT is a network of internet-connected devices.  They ‘talk’ between themselves via sensors that collect and exchange information. The widespread availability of Wi-Fi …

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New Fishing Products on the Scene

new fishing products

Probably one of the most interesting and innovative products at the show was a drone. Yep, you read that correctly. A drone at a fishing show, you ask? Yes again. Walking the isles of ICAST (the International Convention of Allied …

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New Products

New Products All At Sea

LED NAVIGATION LAMPS PROVIDE SUPERIOR MARINE SAFETY Offering ultra-low power consumption and a maintenance-free design, NaviLED PRO Series LED navigation lights from Hella marine provide bright and reliable illumination. With no bulbs to burn out or filaments to snap in rough seas, …

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New Radar Technology

New radar technology : Raymarine radar display. Photo: Glenn Hayes

Boaters have been able to enjoy all kinds of technological advancements in the past few years and some of the most obvious have been in marine electronics. Chart plotters have become faster and more accurate with far better charts then …

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New Products

All At Sea New Products: The Fishing Buckle

SPORT FISHING BELT BUCKLE The world’s first ‘fish-ready’ sport fishing belt and buckle acts as a support system for most saltwater rods. It eliminates the discomfort anglers feel from leveraging fishing rods against their bodies, creating a more comfortable fishing experience. A smaller, …

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Sails In Space

Sails in Space

For a long time we have run an advertisement in North Sails entitled: “Sails built in Space.” The uniqueness of this moulding technology justifies the advertisement. The photo of the suspended sail maker over a 3DL/ 3DI mould, though an …

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