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New EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor

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Dutch-based Mastervolt launches the EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor, a slim display especially designed to be used on an open console or a flybridge.

The color touch screen has a multi-language menu, and can be easily customized to show the key information for your particular system at a glance. There is also a logbook feature for warnings and alarms, along with a buzzer and alarm notifications. The home button gives easy access to all your favorite pages.

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The EasyView 5 offers a window into every aspect of your electrical system, from battery charging to enabling an inverter or the adjustment of a mains fuse setting. System information is fed in via the MasterBus CANbus port in the rear of the screen, and the EasyView 5 can either be powered from the MasterBus system itself, or via an independent 12/24 V DC supply.

Designed for easy installation, the unit can be recessed to just 7mm (0.27in) for a virtually flush fit, requiring only 33mm (1.29in) rear space. When wall mounted, the case stands just 43mm (1.69in) proud of the console.

The 109mm (4.3in) display has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and full color, and is easy to view in full daylight. A protective UV-resistant cover is supplied for when it is not in use.

The EasyView 5 has been designed to operate effortlessly in the harsh marine or mobile environment, and the front has been built to the IP67 standard. This seals it against dust, sand or dried salt, and gives solid protection against water splashes.

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