Power Dolly Simplifies Trailer Maneuvering

Even a small, lightweight boat trailer can be tricky to maneuver, especially in spots too tight for both it and the tow vehicle. The Parkit360 Force 5K power dolly is perfect for these situations. It provides the muscle to effortlessly move up to 5,000lb around corners and obstacles, and is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a small sedan.

Simple to operate, the Force 5K connects quickly and easily to the trailer using its included 1-7/8, 2.0, 2-5/16 inch or 50mm ball, and Stablelock technology. A thumb toggle on the handle provides forward and reverse. With the upgraded SD B2 and B3 models, it’ll even apply electric and surge brakes when in the neutral position. Weighing only 67lb, it’s lighter than the average lawnmower.

Because the operator is closer to the boat and looking straight at it, clearing tight spots is no longer a nerve-wracking experience and there is no concern over jackknifing. In fact, it’s the ability to make acute angles that makes it so maneuverable.

With four-inch wide tires providing plenty of traction, the power dolly can handle a broad range of surfaces. It’s powered by a robust 1.5 hp Bosch electric motor and conventional 12V deep cell battery. It has a built-in monitor and charger.

Parkit360 offers a wide range of options to customize the Force5K for use with different types of trailers and conditions. Wider tires, battery box, pintle hitch adapter and a frame adapter are popular upgrades.

The Force 5K comes with a 2-year warranty. A video of it in use is available at: bit.ly/2hOhrDJ. www.parkit360.com

Gary Brown
Gary E. Brown is the Editorial Director of All At Sea Caribbean. He is a presenter on Island 92, 91.9 FM, St. Maarten, and the author of the thriller/sailing adventure Caribbean High. For more information, visit: garyebrown.net