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New Fishing Products on the Scene

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Probably one of the most interesting and innovative products at the show was a drone. Yep, you read that correctly. A drone at a fishing show, you ask? Yes again.

Walking the isles of ICAST (the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) it is mindboggling to see all the new products being showcased to the fishing industry. Venturing through the exposition halls you can’t help being drawn in by the latest and greatest ways to capture our favorite fish. While there are not enough pages in this magazine to cover all the innovation and must-have tackle and gadgets, there were a few innovative products that struck this fishing techie as interesting.

Birds Find Fish
Probably one of the most interesting and innovative products at the show was a drone. Yep, you read that correctly. A drone at a fishing show, you ask? Yes again. If you want to take your fishing to completely new heights (pun intended) you need to look at the all-new Aguadrone. This 100% waterproof drone was built with the fisherman in mind. The drone itself is interesting because unlike most of its competition it can land and not only survives but is designed to be around water. Able to take interchangeable modules, this drone can take what its developers call The Find Pod. It is basically a fish finder pod that can transmit the bottom (and fish) images to a smart device via Wi-Fi. With depth capability up to 190 feet and a range of 350 feet this feature can open up areas to fishermen previously out of reach. Another pod that can be attached to the Aguadrone is called The Fish Pod. This pod is “a remotely operated payload release system capable of carrying a payload of up to two pounds.” What this means is you can have the drone carry your bait or lure out further than you can cast and drop it exactly where you want it. The third pod is called The Film Pod and is made up of a 4k HD video camera in a waterproof case that can record underwater when the drone lands. The mount is a GoPro style mount so you can always use your own camera if you like. With a bevy of features found on advanced drones this one is competitively priced and water won’t kill it. www.Aguadrone.com


new fishing products
The Fishhunter Directional 3D+. Photo courtesy of Fish Hunter


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No Strings Attached
Another product, while not directly related to fishing, that was at the show and that jumped out as innovative was the MOB+ from Fell Marine. When you’re fishing (or just boating) the engine kill switch lanyard can be uncomfortable and get in your way and while you are moving about the vessel tending lines, etc., it can be almost impossible to keep clipped on. Although it should be worn, many times it is not, creating a safety hazard. The MOB+ eliminated any excuse not to wear one because it is completely wireless and can be clipped on, worn on a customizable wrist strap or worn on a lanyard. The simple, small device is made up of a hub that fits a standard two inch gauge cutout and wires to your existing cutoff switch and a fob that can be worn in a variety of ways. It has enough range to move around and if you do fall overboard, others on board can restart the vessel to come and get you after a few seconds. www.fellmarine.com


new fishing products
The MOB+ wireless engine cut-off switch. It can be worn on the wrist, on a lanyard or clipped to a lifejacket or clothing. Photo courtesy of Fell Marine

Portable 3D
If you are looking for a portable fish finder, of which there are more and more capable offerings, the FishHunter Directional 3D fish finder offers what others do not. It is made up of what looks like a giant bobber with a five-transducer element on the bottom half. This fish finder can be cast or tossed out on a line or pulled behind a kayak or vessel and transmits via Wi-Fi to a smart device. It can display a bottom image similar to regular sounder/fish finders but can also draw a 3-D map of the bottom. It also has a display called Directional Casting that indicates where fish are located within the wide angled beam of the transducers in relation to the position of the bobber. www.Fishhunter.com

There were countless other products to ogle at in the show but clear trends were evident within the mass of new products and we will cover those in future articles. As time progresses these new products will help us catch more fish – or at least have fun trying.


Glenn Hayes is a freelance photographer and writer living in West Central Florida. His work covers commercial, editorial and fine art work. www.HayesStudios.com

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Glenn Hayes
Glenn Hayeshttp://www.HayesStudios.com
Glenn Hayes is a writer and photographer based out of west central Florida and has marine industry background spanning almost a quarter century. He can be reached through his web site www.HayesStudios.

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