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All At Sea New Products : 2-Action3
Anglers simply insert the base of the fishing rod into The Fishing Buckle and reel away.

The world’s first ‘fish-ready’ sport fishing belt and buckle acts as a support system for most saltwater rods. It eliminates the discomfort anglers feel from leveraging fishing rods against their bodies, creating a more comfortable fishing experience. A smaller, lighter version of the classic fighting belt, the Fishing Buckle is ready for use in less than a second and is ideal for anglers of all kinds, whether they are fishing off a dock, casting from the beach, taking a charter trip or fishing competitively.

The Fishing Buckle offers the support, leverage, full range of motion and control needed to reel in catches. Many anglers tuck their fishing rods under their arms or press them into their stomachs or thighs, resulting in bruises and discomfort. A regular belt and buckle when closed, its quick one-handed opening makes it ready for fishing. Anglers simply insert the base of the fishing rod into The Fishing Buckle and reel away.

Available in a variety of finishes, the snap on belts are easily interchangeable with an array of color combinations. In addition, The Fishing Buckle is customizable, with the option to laser etch or engrave a name or favorite logo. Info: http://thefishingbuckle.com


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All At Sea New Products : 4-nltsc

The new Tough Series Control Panel (TSC) provides truly intuitive control to Northern Lights generator set functions.

Featuring a back-lit LCD display screen and large, easy-to-read push buttons, TSC is versatile enough to permit remote monitoring and control connection through a single data and power cable, up to 30 meters in length.

Available on a wide range of Northern Lights generator sets, TSC is factory programmed with voltage and current monitoring for single and three-phase applications. Pressure and temperature warnings and shutdowns are standard to help protect generator sets. Warnings and shutdowns for frequency and voltage protect electrical equipment. Sound enclosure mounting is available for a quiet and streamlined engine room. Info: www.northern-lights.com


All At Sea New Products: 5-dav22803-x4h

It can be upsetting to walk to one’s dock and find nothing but a torn-off fender eye dangling. What happened? The boat pinned the fender tightly against the dock, and wave action ripped it off, leaving the vessel unprotected and possibly damaged. Davis Instruments’ Shockles FenderFriend prevents this from happening.

With models for twin-eye and center-tube fenders, FenderFriend is the world’s only fender whip and hanger that features a built-in shock absorber. It stretches 12 inches so that when wakes or swells rock the boat, the fender stays in place, protecting the vessel, without additional strain to the rail, cleat or lifeline.

The proprietary system includes a UV-resistant nylon webbing strap that adjusts from 16–72in, and a sturdy Nexus marine-grade buckle. Anyone—even non-boaters—can easily attach the device just about anywhere, whether to a sailboat’s toe rail, a cleat, grab rail or the square rails of a pontoon. It adjusts quickly to hang the fender in the optimal position. Info: www.davisnet.com


All At Sea New Products: 3-Quick-Cleat-mounted-on-bow-rail-of-fishing-kayak_hr
Quick Cleat mounted on bow rail of fishing kayak.


The Quick Cleat™ Kayak Cleat is the fast, easy way to secure solid, braided 1/4 to 3/16 inch lines on a kayak deck or canoe gunnel – without knots. The unique, durable, low-profile, easy to install design quickly secures a line in seconds. Just drop a line into the rope slot and release. Optional threaded tabs available to install on track rails without drilling holes.

(Not for use with bungee cords or hollow-braid ropes.) Info: www.quick-cleat.com


The McMurdo SmartFind M5 is a flexible, low-cost, easy to install, user-friendly AIS Class A transponder, incorporating a fully comprehensive AIS MOB and AIS SART alarm to aid in MOB recovery.

The M5 meets the USCG AIS Mandate, effective March 1, 2016, which requires that certain categories of commercial vessels, such as fishing boats, tugs and ferries operating in US territorial waters install a USCG certified AIS transceiver.All At Sea New Products: 1-M5-with-coastline-screen

The M5 offers view-at-a-glance AIS status of vessels in the vicinity and access to a host of detailed navigation information. An on-screen indicator and internal buzzer provides notice when any AIS SART/MOB TXID is received. It also allows a ‘buddy list’ of the vessel’s own AIS MOB IDs and associated crew names and has a steer to rescue MOB casualty target screen.

In addition to traditional ‘radar style’ display and AIS target list views, the SmartFind M5 also features an embedded coastline map which accurately plots the AIS equipped vessels on a chart overview display – without the need to connect to an external plotter.

Designed to operate as a standalone unit, the M5 can also be integrated with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display), ECS (Electronic Chart System) or chartplotters via its NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and USB interfaces. It can also be interfaced with a PC system using the PC AIS Viewer software supplied with the unit. Info: www.mcmurdogroup.com/

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