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New Marine Antennas Bring Internet and Hi-Def TV on Board

Shakespeare®, global leader in marine antennas, has expanded boaters’ ability to stay in touch with the world with its new, innovative WebWatch™. The all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and high-definition television (HDTV) marine antenna can keep devices connected to the Internet from nearby Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data. Designed to be fast, reliable and tailored for long-range reception, it provides increased reception and more range than PC and mobile device wireless data connections.

WebWatch provides Internet access for up to 32 users from nearby Wi-Fi or, with a data-only AT&T SIM card, a cellular network, with speeds up to 4G. It also supports T-Mobile and Cricket networks up to 3G speeds. The cutting-edge system shares the signal wirelessly throughout the boat or via an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet capability provides flexibility to extend its Wi-Fi network to areas that are shadowed from its Wi-Fi signal.

With the built-in HDTV antenna, owners and guests can enjoy local TV network programming with sharp, high-definition picture quality. It receives over-the-air digital signals, allowing televisions to play even during storms, when satellite connections may fail. A version without HDTV is also available.

The antenna will switch automatically between Wi-Fi and cellular, picking up the best signal for uninterrupted connectivity, and saving money on data charges. WebWatch is easily controlled using the iPhone or Android apps, and the built-in web-browser based device management tool makes it optimized for PC, mobile and tablets.

Both versions feature easy set-up and universal compatibility. Energy efficient, they run on 12-24V DC and draw a maximum of 1 amp. They’re RoHS compliant and hold FCC wireless approval. The durable antennas are only 13in high and 11.75in in diameter, and weigh 3.85lb. They come with a 25ft power cord, 25ft Ethernet cable and 25ft TV cable.


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