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Wind Versus Solar—An Easy Choice

wind vs. solar

Just keep your wind generator for what it is best at—generating noise and vibration and not-much-else. As a journalist, it is drilled into me to be fair and objective. Also, marine advertisers pay my salary. Inkslinging sailors who offend often …

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At Least Chefs Get to Eat Their Mistakes

Powered by sunshine …

January is upon us and while parts of the world shiver through winter storms, the Caribbean celebrates with sunshine and trade winds. Those of us who live in the islands know that occasionally the trade winds blow with gusto and …

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Solar Panels vs. Wind Generators

Many cruisers are now taking advantage of solar energy. Photography By Glenn Hayes

We all know that it would be great to have unlimited power onboard while at sea or swinging on the hook but the limitations of our onboard power supply make it painfully clear that this cannot be the case for …

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