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Green Cruising

Environment: Green Cruising: 400 Watts from the sun

Topics like sustainable resources and waste disposal are all over the media, the public shows concern and agrees that something should be done in order to save the planet. For many, environmental woes remain somewhat theoretical, distant, brushed aside by …

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A Cruiser’s DIY Toolbox

A Cruiser's Toolbox: Sail repairs while on passage

Whenever I’m given the choice on clearance forms whether our boat classifies as a Commercial Vessel or Pleasure Craft, I fight the urge to draw another box with the label ‘Floating Workshop’ or ‘Sailing Building Site’. Not that life on …

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Harvesting Rainwater on your Boat

With so much rain in the Caribbean there is no reason not to harvest any. Photo by Rosie Burr

Water is vital to life and a precious commodity these days. In the Caribbean – despite the vast amounts of rainfall we seem to experience – water supplies can often dwindle or even become contaminated after the passing of a …

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The Lighter Side of Watermakers

Juggling the demands of a watermaker is enough to unbalance a person.

Once upon a time when a sailor wanted to cross an ocean, he’d bring some water with him and drink it when thirsty. This worked well but, ultimately, was deemed too simple. It was decided by SALT (Senior Advisers to …

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