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Super Tenders For Superyachts

“tt Faith” was designed and built as a custom tender, and is made out of African Mahogany. She is currently with her mothership in France. Photo credit: Van Dam Custom Boats

  Let’s face it; the job of a superyacht deckhand can be pretty tedious. Wax on, wax off. Polishing a yacht’s exterior to a mirror finish day in, day out can be a bit boring. The high spot in a …

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Eckerd College Rescue

Photo by Glenn Hayes

Any day at Eckerd College campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can find students walking to class or studying by the water’s edge. You may see one or two look at their phones when a text comes, jump up and …

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Security Aboard a Superyacht

EU Naval Force captures suspected Somali pirates.

We live in an era that glorifies the culture of pirates of the past. Every year, the memories of Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte and Anne Bonny are toasted with mugs of grog at pirate festivals in Florida coastal towns. But when …

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Yacht Crew Fatigue

Sue Blundell / SJO Illustrations

As seafarers working aboard yachts our primary responsibility is safety. Safety of our guests, safety of our crewmates, safety of our vessel and safety of ourselves, nothing is more important. We assume when we are on charter or the owner …

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