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NauticEd and MarineVerse Launch World’s First Virtual Reality Sailing Course

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First learn virtually, then enjoy reality. NauticEd, the Austin, TX-based world leader in on-the-water and online sailing training, has partnered with MarineVerse, an Australian-based pioneer of virtual reality (VR) sailing simulation, to jointly offer the first-ever virtual reality sailing course. This incorporates VR gaming with sailing training techniques and programs. The initial VR sailing course, ‘Self Mastery,’ was co-developed by the two companies and features sailing training that balances authenticity and entertainment in a fully immersive, virtual sailing experience.

NauticEd and MarineVerse VR Sailing Instruction
NauticEd and MarineVerse VR Sailing Instruction

“We find the VR greatly accelerates student’s learning before their on-the-water training,” says Joel Staley, NauticEd spokesperson. “This can better prepare a sailor for bareboat rental in the Caribbean. The VR, in-person training, and our online sailing log provide charter companies with demonstrable evidence of real sailing experience and training. Also, the VR is a great way for experienced sailors to keep skills sharp while away from the water.”

The VR training puts players at the helm of a sailing yacht and helps them learn to trim the sails, manage boat speed, and navigate. The boat reacts to wind conditions and every decision made by the players, giving them instant feedback on how their actions impact boat behavior. Other more complex modules like docking and maneuvering within the marina, night sailing, and heavy weather are also in production for future accessibility. To access the VR sailing course featuring the ‘Self Mastery’ module, visit nauticed.org or the MarineVerseCup app on Meta Quest. 

NauticEd Reports Sailing Charter Vacation Bookings and Education Enrollments Are Soaring 

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Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.

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