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What’s New at Surf Expo

Trade shows and boat shows are always good venues to see what is new and exciting in the world of water sports and boating. Surf Expo, the watersports and beach lifestyle tradeshow held in Orlando, is no exception. Manufacturers from …

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Caribbean News: New Caribbean Shark Sanctuaries

Caribbean shark sanctuaries

Together, the two new sanctuaries cover a total of 46,190 square miles (119,631 square kilometers), raising the total number of Caribbean sanctuaries to seven. Pew Charitable Trusts applaud New Caribbean Shark Sanctuaries St. Maarten, the Cayman Islands, Curacao, and Grenada boost …

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Shark Diving in Bimini Bahamas

Photo Credit: Grant Johnson.

The slit mouth yawns open. Upper and lower jaws unhinge and the gums peel back over the jaw bone. Rows of pearl-white triangular teeth appear in jagged semi-circular rows. The muscular body flexes, accelerating the shark faster than you thought …

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Bycatch – Death in the Seas

Last month’s article on bottled juvenile sharks for sale as souvenirs touched on the disclaimer put forth by those selling them that they are merely bycatch from legitimate fishing operations. Fact aside that the shark pups cannot be bycatch of …

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Bottled Sharks for Sale – Part 2

While identifying the species of juvenile shark featured in last month’s article – Bottle Sharks for Sale it was evident that the preservation bottle could easily be assembled in a garage or on a kitchen table. With that in mind …

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Bottled Sharks for Sale

While wandering through a dockside shopping area I happened upon a shocking sight in a souvenir shop – bottled sharks for sale. Eleven Spiny Dogfish pups were encased in jars for sale to tourists.Since this shop has branches in other areas I visited each …

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