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Dive Shipwrecks Along Maritime Heritage Trail

Mapping the Erl King. All photos courtesy of National Park Service

New Year’s Eve, 1965, a gleaming Brigantine schooner sailed on a brisk north wind toward the lights of Miami. Mandalay, elegant in her mahogany, brass and ivory trim, rose and fell above the waves while 23 well-heeled vacationers strolled her …

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The Afterlife: Artificial Reefs

Photo courtesy of Keith Mille, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Historians credit the ancient Persians with constructing the first artificial reef across the mouth of the Tigris, as a barricade against marauding Indian pirates. Today, artificial reef building has morphed into a strange science, with an eclectic array of landlocked …

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Wreck Diving Tips and Tricks

Wrecks – above and below the sea. Photo: NOAA Photo Library

When scuba divers reveal what they consider dream dives, many would say discovering a previously unknown wreck where they find an ancient Greek coin, a bar of Spanish silver or gold, an Etruscan jar, a Columbian emerald destined for royalty …

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Blennies of Bonaire

Photo by Chuck Shipley

Bonaire has long been recognized as a fish-watchers’ paradise. Blessed with gin-clear waters and protective legislation that has declared the waters surrounding the entire island a marine park, the island abounds with interesting fish to see – especially in the …

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Underwater Photography Tips – A How to Guide

Photo by Becky A. Bauer

Over the past few months our new photographers polished their buoyancy control skills. They put together underwater photo kits and learned how to take care of your underwater photo gear.  Plus, you’ve practiced using their new cameras so operation became …

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