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Brain Storming on Heavy Weather

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander: Brainstorming on Heavy Weather

I’m having a rough time of it. I’m currently writing a book on heavy weather—and, yeah, it’s heavy going. One problem is my target audience: people who have read (or had read to them) my previous books and who are, …

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The Art of Offshore

  Newbie sailors worry about gear breakage offshore with good reason. Sh*t happens. I’d like to tell you that quality marine gear seldom breaks in mid-ocean—but I’d be lying. It does. Regularly. So the first trick isn’t to deny the …

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Personal Hygiene, Yachtie Style!

Carolyn taking a shower on SY Ganesh

My wife has sailed with me for 43-plus years. Yesterday she made Goodlander Family maritime history: while underway on passage, she took a freshwater shower. I couldn’t believe it! Actually, I barely recognized her as she stepped out of the …

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