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Some Dingy Thoughts on Dinghies

Whichever dinghy you have, it’s the wrong one. If it rows well, it squats and powers poorly. If it is light-in-weight, it flips over in a gust. If it is heavy, it is hard to get on deck. Even its …

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DIY : Repairing Your Inflatable

repairing your inflatable

Oops! You’ve hit a piling and punched a hole in the inflatable. Now you have to repair it. Of course, the easiest way is to take it to a repair shop, but if you are in a rush to use …

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Ever Wondered About a Water Maker?

Water Maker: Our water maker removed from its snug position under the sink and looking a bit sorry for itself prior to overhaul. Photo by Sim Hoggarth

Have you ever wondered about a water maker? We did. Every time I lugged those jerry jugs aboard. Every time I ran across the bay to the water dock in the dinghy on a wild and windy day. Every time …

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Dominica the Island of 365 Rivers

Dominica, the Island of 365 Rivers:The anchorage, Portsmouth. Photo by Monica Pisani

Journey, our 42ft sloop, Captain Jonathan, and I, his loyal first mate, started our sailing adventure in December 2013 leaving from Florida. We sailed the Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as we made our way south, stopping at …

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Which Dinghy is Right for You?

Photo: OceanMedia

Having recently replaced our elderly tender, we were surprised to find what a lengthy process choosing the right one turned out to be. There are a baffling number of things to consider and we all have different needs and priorities …

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From Books to Boats – How to build a Dinghy

Photo by Janice Weigand

Drakus, the Monk 47 Ketch currently under a boatyard tent receiving a fiberglass replacement for her tired teak decking, inspired one spirited small town librarian, Anne Siddens, to build the dinghy, Enid.  While Siddens’ husband Doug worked refurbishing Drakus as …

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