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Chesapeake Smart Buoys Tell All

Photo credit NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office

Just think how much easier it would be to plan your next cruise if you knew how hard the wind was blowing and how high the waves anywhere on the Chesapeake Bay. The answer to a boater’s prayer are some …

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Tugboats Breaking Ice

Credit: Hans Marx

Winter on the upper regions of the Chesapeake Bay can be quite treacherous and unpredictable. Gone are the seemingly hundreds of pleasure power, sail and fishing boats of summer. The thousands of recreational craft are safely on the hard, covered …

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Tugmen of the Chesapeake Bay

The old Curtis Bay Company’s CAPE HENLOPEN in Baltimore Harbor. Photo by Captain Bill Eggert

Tugboats…those diminutive yet all so powerful workhorses of this nation’s deep water ports…such as those of the great Chesapeake Bay. We learned to love tugs as children; they continue to hold a certain fascination for us as adults. The tugs …

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For Cruising Boaters, “The Bay” Has It All

Sunset over Annapolis. Photo Credit: Terry Boram

My partner Mike’s family and mine have long histories with the Chesapeake Bay. His family settled on the eastern shore in 1640, while mine must have been there as well, with ancestral names of Tilghman (Tilghman Island) and Emory (Emory …

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Deltaville Maritime Museum Kicks Off with Barber Exhibit

Photo credit: Deltaville Maritime Museum

As Deltaville Maritime Museum volunteers watched the last ember of the John’s pavilion and the museum building’s charred remains being extinguished, they were already thinking of their membership and community. How were they going to tell the families participating in …

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Matt Rutherford Launches Ocean Research Project

I last wrote about Matt Rutherford in the May edition – Math Rutherford Completes Around the Americas. At the time, Matt had just returned from his record-setting voyage around North and South America, sailing into the Chesapeake Bay and closing …

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