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Sea Tabby – Still Beautiful at 77

Photo by Steve Turrentine / Canopache Photos

Of more than four hundred elegant Trumpy yachts built between the early 20th century and 1973, less than 25% are still afloat. Sadly, many of those remaining are in rapidly deteriorating condition. But Sea Tabby, the 62-foot “houseboat” style Mathis …

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James Moores, Classic Wooden Boat Restorer

Moores Marine Yacht Center sign MMYC has a logo with two burgees flying in opposite directions. The “M” stands for Moores and the trumpet with scrollwork represents the yacht center with a nod to the boats that have signature scrollwork along their bow. Photo Credit: Helen Aitken

Moores Marine, Inc. has completed more than 100 major restoration projects in their 35 years of expert service. Names like Trumpy and Defoe are a few of the names in representation at the Moores facility; owners of these iconic crafts, …

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A Wooden Boat Love Affair

This small vessel alongside of Cygnus is absolutely vibrant. Photo by Jody Reynolds

When you cruise aboard a classic wooden boat, it’s somewhat like living in a room at Downton Abbey. You don’t just admire the wood from outside – the elegance and beauty envelope you. A wooden yacht moves through the water …

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Experience Retro-Luxury on a Trumpy Motor Yacht

Modern boats boast fiberglass hulls, prefabricated components and fast engines. But some boaters would rather turn back the clock a few decades to the classic wooden boats built for relaxed, refined yachting. From 1909-1974, renowned naval architect John Trumpy designed …

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