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New Products

new products

Free Interlux Paint Guide App The Interlux® Boat Paint Guide is available as a free app for Apple® IOS and Android smartphones and tablets, designed to make it easy to access Interlux product information and select the correct Interlux paint …

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NEWS: Superyacht Venus in Sint Maarten

Venus in St. Maarten. Photo: OceanMedia

Venus in Sint Maarten The super yacht Venus, built by Feadship for late entrepreneur Steve Jobs, was a surprise visitor to Isle de Sol Marina, St. Maarten in October. Jobs died in October 2011, the yacht was unveiled a year …

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Budget Marine Second Interlux Open Regatta

Sint Maarten’s infamous Simpson Bay Lagoon played host to Budget Marine’s 2nd Interlux Open Regatta on February 2-3, its notoriously shifting breezes creating the usual havoc among a skilled fleet of one design sailors. This is a series that sends …

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Bottom Paint Application Guide

Step-by-step Independent Application Guide to Boat Bottom Paint   Keeping crud off the bottom of a boat has been a problem for mariners … well, probably since before recorded history. From oil to tar; from tin and copper sheeting to …

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Painting Perfection

The rumor going around the waterfront is that painting the topsides of a boat is expensive. If you do the work yourself, the cost will be far lower.

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The Latest in Antifouling Paint

Autumn is bottom paint season in the Caribbean as recreational boaters get ready to re-launch boats pulled out during hurricane season and charter yachts gear up for winter season guests.  All at Sea checked in with major paint purveyors to …

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Bottom Paint Guide: How to Choose Antifouling Paint

So what is the best anti-fouling paint for your boat? How do you choose from all those paints that are on the market? We have already seen that type of water, boat usage, and water temperature will have an effect on the type of anti-fouling paint tha

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