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South Florida News: Brig Boats Enter U.S. Market

South Florida News: Brig Boats Enter the U.S. Market

Brig Boats Enter U.S. market in Fort Lauderdale DANIA BEACH – Brig Boats has officially entered the U.S. market and announced the grand opening of its founding dealership in the country. In December, Sirocco Marine Fort Lauderdale opened the doors to …

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Tips for Buying an Outboard Motor Warranty

Not all warranties are created equally. Make sure your new motor warranty is what you need.

When purchasing an outboard motor there are many decisions to be made and choices to select from to ensure you are getting the perfect motor for your needs. There are obvious factors to consider, such as the right horsepower, two …

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New Technology for Today’s Outboard Boat Motor

Technology is moving forward at blistering speeds and today’s modern outboard boat motor is utilizing this technology to become faster, lighter, greener and more efficient than anything that has been produced in the past. In order to meet stricter emissions …

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Purchasing and Servicing an Outboard Motor

Outboard Motors on Display at the Miami Boat Show

In previous articles in this series we discussed the differences between two- and four-stroke motors, how they work and what the different manufacturers are offering. In this article we will discuss what to consider when making the decision to buy …

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