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Satellite Messengers Get HELP when out of Range

Photo: Glenn Hayes

In a recent edition of All At Sea we discussed Emergency Positioning Beacons (EPIRBs) and Personal Location Beacons (PLBs) but there is also another option of emergency communication known as satellite messengers. In a life-threatening situation, having a way of …

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EPIRB GPS – Lifesaving Rescue Beacons

Photo courtesy of ACR Electronics

You are at sea and conditions have rapidly deteriorated. Your vessel is taking on water and the only option is to abandon ship. The radio equipment has been rendered useless and you are left floating or treading water in the …

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Geocaching Along the ICW

“Are there any caches in the area?” That simple question has taken my husband and me to a top of a ridge with spectacular views of the river below, into an old mine shaft in a remote part of a …

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