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Water-Proof & Resistant Drones are a Boon To Boaters

There once was a time when spectacular aerial photos for everything from charter yacht brochures to fishing tournaments or sailing regattas meant hiring a professional photographer and spending hundreds of dollars on helicopter time. No longer. Today, small privately-owned drones, …

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The Basics of Onboard Drone Flying

DJI Inspire with camera

Have you ever looked through binoculars at the masthead to see why a halyard is fouled or to see what has chafed? If you have, you will know how difficult it is to see anything clearly and have probably had …

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The Rise of the Drones: A New Perspective

Adrian prepares to launch the helikite. Photo by Todd VanSickle

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No … it’s a blimp with a GoPro attached to it. During the BVI Spring Regatta, Adrian Sinton’s modified helikite received a lot of attention on and off the water. The large …

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Have your OWN Water Resistant Drone

seaHEX, LLC will introduce their water resistant radio controlled multi‐rotor copter to yacht owners, charter fleets, and offshore fisherman at the 2014 Palm Beach International Boat Show. Designed by UAV/Drone specialists, Andrew Argenio and Jeremy Waltzer, with a carbon fiber …

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Maritime Drones on Patrol?

Drones like this one could be used to enforce marine regulations in the future. Photo courtesy of AeroVironment Inc., www.avinc.com

When you are on the water without another soul in sight, you may feel like you’re alone in your maritime world. But look up. Unmanned Aircraft Systems – popularly known as drones – may be watching your every move from …

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