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Have your OWN Water Resistant Drone

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seaHEX, LLC will introduce their water resistant radio controlled multi‐rotor copter to yacht owners, charter fleets, and offshore fisherman at the 2014 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Designed by UAV/Drone specialists, Andrew Argenio and Jeremy Waltzer, with a carbon fiber body built by Hall Composites and all control systems by DJI and seaHEX, the flying prototypes will be showcased in Palm Beach both in the air and floating on the water.

The seaHEX is equipped with a GoPro Hero3 HD camera for taking spectacular aerial photos and video of marine environments. The seaHEX includes the popular Fat Shark video goggles providing the pilot with a real time “eye in the sky” view of what the GoPro camera sees. Imagine the thrill of feeling like you are soaring above your yacht. Imagine fishing and being able to spot and follow fish through the video goggles!

Drone Rules and Regs for the Caribbean

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At the show serious customers will have the opportunity to test fly the prototypes, pre‐order a production model, or they can speak with the seaHEX team with any questions they may have about the seaHEX and the challenges it solves in a marine environment.

The seaHEX will retail for $5,980 with everything needed for a positive and safe experience. Each seaHEX will be test flown and programmed in the factory prior to delivery. Each owner will receive it ready to fly right out of its custom Pelican case. The first UAV/Drone to provide owners with peace of mind and simplicity of operation while flying over fresh or saltwater.

The Basics of Onboard Drone Flying

According to the company, in the event of a splash down, the owner simply needs to retrieve the seaHEX with a tender, lightly rinse with fresh water, dry and fly again.

Please stop by the seaHEX flight base at the Palm Beach Show to see the future of salt and freshwater UAVs. Building slots will be available at the show for a 50% deposit. The first sold units are being delivered in late April. The seaHEX can easily be ordered on line after March 1, 2014 at www.seahex.com.

Water-Proof & Resistant Drones are a Boon To Boaters

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