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Action Cameras

GoPro’s new tiny but capable Hero Session camera. Photo: Glenn Hayes

Point of view videos are everywhere. You can see them online, in commercials, reality shows and even documentaries – all shot with small lightweight mini cameras that produce incredible professional quality video, eye-popping slow motion capture and still images, all …

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Sailing With Charlie: Look Before You Leap

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Quick thinking is often associated with intelligence. Quick thinking often saves lives, averts serious accidents and can save disastrous losses in stock market transactions. But it can also have negative impacts in certain situations when the overall picture is not …

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The Rise of the Drones: A New Perspective

Adrian prepares to launch the helikite. Photo by Todd VanSickle

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No … it’s a blimp with a GoPro attached to it. During the BVI Spring Regatta, Adrian Sinton’s modified helikite received a lot of attention on and off the water. The large …

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Have your OWN Water Resistant Drone

seaHEX, LLC will introduce their water resistant radio controlled multi‐rotor copter to yacht owners, charter fleets, and offshore fisherman at the 2014 Palm Beach International Boat Show. Designed by UAV/Drone specialists, Andrew Argenio and Jeremy Waltzer, with a carbon fiber …

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