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Yacht Industry Training


Many crew who are new to the yachting industry are curious about the range of jobs that are available on a superyacht. However, the sheer size of larger yachts quickly pigeonholes crew into the deck, engineering or interior departments once …

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Super Yacht Toys

Photo Credit: Yacht Chandlers

There once was a time when water toys aboard yachts consisted of snorkel gear and a windsurfer. But as yachts evolved into “mega” then “super,” the water toys were amped up as well. Now personal submarines, jet skis, flyboards and …

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How To Get Your Captain’s License?

Students practice sun sights during their OnDeck Yachtmaster course. Photo courtesy of OnDeck

A change of career is what led Tim Scarisbrick to become an officially credentialed yacht captain. “I realized that I wanted to go sailing full time, make it a career,” says Scarisbrick. Five years ago, the former British Navy helicopter …

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