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Sailing With Charlie: Another World

Sailing With Charlie: Underwater WorldGraphics by Christine Taylor

Charlie was scrubbing the bottom of a boat in Trellis Bay (Charlie just hates dirty bottoms) when he looked down and saw what he thought was an anchor, half-buried in the sand in about 15ft of water. He dove down …

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A Load of Garbage

The result of garbage thrown directly into the sea in Malaysia. Photo credit: Rich Carey/Shutterstock.com

Trash gyres. We have all seen photographs of these mid-ocean islands of plastic waste and other detritus that float on our planet’s oceans. Although these ocean garbage patches were first discovered in 1997, they are the result of decades of …

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Choosing the Right Marine Batteries

  No matter what boat you have there will come a time when you need to replace the batteries on board and with all the choices available today it may not just be a case of swapping like for like. …

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