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Multi-Musings by a Mono-Maran Kind of Guy

Trimaran Alien in St Croix with Jody Colbert, Scooter Mejia, Scottish Katie, and Joe Colpitt

My father and I used to walk the docks in the mid-1950s as both entertainment and education. We’d pay particular attention to the construction details of the cruising catamarans. Each time one would sail into the harbor, we’d row over …

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World’s Fastest Cruising Catamaran Launched in STX

An artist’s impression of Fujin catamaran under sail

It didn’t happen in South Africa, Great Britain, China or even Australia, all countries known for constructing cutting-edge catamarans. Instead, likely the world’s fastest cruising catamaran – with the potential to hit 30 knots – was built in the Caribbean, specifically …

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Trends in Power Catamaran Boat Design

Artist’s impression of the proposed power trimaran. Photos courtesy of Gold Coast Yachts

Charter operators, sports fishermen and ferry owners prioritize function and bottom line when choosing a power catamaran boat. When finding out what’s new in this arena, there’s no one better to ask than the team at Gold Coast Yachts in …

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