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BVI Establish Shark Sanctuary

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS ESTABLISH PERMANENT SHARK SANCTUARY The designation by the cabinet of the British overseas territory prohibits commercial fishing of all shark and ray species throughout the full exclusive economic zone. That area amounts to 80,117 square kilometers (30,933 …

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Vulnerability of Sharks in Commercial Fishing

A new study that examined the survival rates of 12 different shark species when captured as unintentional bycatch in commercial longline fishing operations found large differences in survival rates across the 12 species, with bigeye thresher, dusky, and scalloped hammerhead being the most vulnerable. Image courtesy of Frank Gibson - Sharktagging.com

New Study Reveals Vulnerability of Sharks as Collateral Damage in Commercial Fishing UM Rosenstiel School and Abess Center-led study provides new information for shark conservation efforts MIAMI –A new study that examined the survival rates of 12 different shark species …

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Bluefin Tuna on the Brink of Extinction

Although there is still much to learn about fish migration patterns, as well as where and when certain fish species reproduce, the Bluefin tuna is one of the most studied. Over 40 years of research on the Bluefin has produced …

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Bycatch – Is There Hope?

One of the earliest means instituted to prevent over fishing was catch limits.  While, on the surface it appeared a logical solution, no one considered the consequences.  Limit the catch to 100 pounds per boat and problem solved! But, fishing …

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