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Getting Schooled

Andy, with his dad Dennis at the helm of ‘Tzigane’ at a very early age!

After getting my USCG license, I wanted to expand my resume. The next logical step was to go after my RYA/MCA Yachtmaster certification, the British version of a captain’s license. Ft. Lauderdale is one of the few places in the …

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How To Get Your Captain’s License?

Students practice sun sights during their OnDeck Yachtmaster course. Photo courtesy of OnDeck

A change of career is what led Tim Scarisbrick to become an officially credentialed yacht captain. “I realized that I wanted to go sailing full time, make it a career,” says Scarisbrick. Five years ago, the former British Navy helicopter …

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Captains License Tips – Focus on Quality

Getting my captain’s license was a validation of a lifetime of experience, something I have always aspired to. In truth, most of the jobs I’ve taken on the water over the years were informal, and really didn’t require that I …

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